The idea that dieting and building muscle is expensive is not entirely true. There are many low cost items that are abundant in nutrients and high in protein. Dry Russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, white rice, brown rice, cottage cheese, lean chicken breast, ground turkey, Talapia,eggs  and even some lean cuts of meat  will add sufficient calories and protein intake along with good fats to build a pleasing physique. Don't let your budget interfere with your personal goals of achieving great body. 

Try doing cardiovascular activity on an empty stomach in the morning before starting the day. Think about it this way, the body has been fasting while burning off access calories as a fuel source for period of 6-8 hrs during sleep. When you wake up and start the day with a good cardio routine prior to breakfast , this will in turn increase your metabolism. Fat loss will increase do to calorie consumption from day prior. By eating calories before the workout and consuming more calories throughout the day ,you will still have the same total calorie expenditure and intake so fat loss will not be as dramatic.  
Grapefruits are a great alternative for sugar cravings. Highly acidic help burn fat,  Low in sugar, also counts as a natural diuretic. 
1cup of (your favorite) sports drink
the quick-digesting sugars in commercial sports drinks provide your body with an immediate source of glucose to energize.

1scoop of whey protein Isolate
the amino acids help reduce muscle breakdown that occurs with training.

5 green tea ice cubes
the supercharged antioxidants generate energy and measure how well your body uses oxygen.

2 tbsp of chia seeds
chia provides your body with antioxidants and omega fats that ramp up exercise endurance and elevate natural gh levels.
Try mixing them with distilled water... protein shakes have a significant amount of additives and sodium. Adding something with less or no sodium might help!
C.L.A - Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Increases metabolic rate, decreases fat, lowers insulin resistance, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. 

What tricks can we use to boost our metabolism.

Try doing cardiovascular exercise such as walking or jogging in the morning on an empty stomach prior to breakfast. 

Eat more frequently throughout the day. Schedule six small meals daily, preferably 4 meals and 2 snacks (protein shakes, natural peanut butter, fatfree yogurt etc). This will allow to burn more calories throughout the day.)

Use fish as a quality protein source
Fish is lower in calories than Beef or Chicken, higher in Medium Chain Triglycerides( Good Fats) Lower in Saturated Fat ( BAD FATS). This will in turn boost your metabolism.
WHAT IS THE EQUATION? Even the greatest trainer is only 50 percent of the equation leading to your success. Although we can't control lifestyle,diet and a proper diet outside the gym. We arm each and every individual client with a nutrition and meal plan tailored to their needs. We show you how to take control of what decisions are made outside the gym with the demands of family, work and other challenges that force us to choose poor eating habits. What we do or eat outside the gym has a direct impact on the precious progress we make in the gym.